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Health Edco Catalog

For more than 50 years, people have anticipated the arrival of their Health Edco catalog the same way a giddy child counts down the days until Christmas. And with good reason. Health Edco’s catalog has rightly earned a reputation for being something of a “candy store” for health educators. (A healthy one, that is.) Packed with 1,700 of the most colorful, inventive, and engaging health education products on the market, it is the go-to source for teachers, hospitals, public health institutions, and community-based health programs.

Childbirth Graphics Catalog

From birth balls to breastfeeding dolls, the Childbirth Graphics catalog has everything the childbirth or breastfeeding educator needs for comprehensive instruction. Here you’ll find a nice mix of exciting new products and time-tested favorites dating back to our earliest days. Hundreds of products cover topics from preconception to breastfeeding and everything in between. And although we are updating and creating new products all the time, we’re still the same old friend you’ve come to trust for three decades.

Health Impressions

Health Impressions has served the healthcare industry for more than 20 years by providing a wide range of promotional products. These products help build long-lasting, positive name recognition. More than 750,000 imprintable items are available, from economical pencils to premium gifts such as watches and tablet cases.



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