Breastfeeding Basics Booklet, English

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Featuring easy-to-understand text, ethnically diverse illustrations, and multiple topics, this 16-page booklet is a great handout to provide new mothers with the basics about breastfeeding. Topics include how breastfeeding works, positions for breastfeeding, starting a feeding, and more. A perfect complement to our Breastfeeding Basics Spiral-Bound Charts (Item #43308). Minimum order is 50.


Featuring 48 clear, ethnically diverse illustrations and simple text, this booklet covers the basics a mother needs to know about breastfeeding. Topics include:

  • What is colostrum
  • How your breasts make milk
  • How your baby gets breastmilk
  • Setting up a breastfeeding station
  • How to tell whether your baby is hungry
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Starting a feeding
  • Ending a feeding
  • Breastfeeding discreetly
  • And many more!

A great companion to our Breastfeeding Basics Spiral-Bound Charts (Item #43308). 16 pages. Minimum order is 50.