The Stages of Labor 3rd Edition DVD

ITEM: 48806


Help expectant parents understand the natural process of labor and visualize their birth experience with this comprehensive DVD program. Features 3-D animation explaining what happens inside the body during all four stages of labor and actual birth footage. Grade 8–Adult. 34 minutes.


With stunning animation providing an authentic view of the physiology of birth and actual birth footage, this DVD program helps expectant parents understand each of the four stages of the natural labor process. Highlights skin-to-skin contact, bonding between mother and infant, and more.

Content Includes:

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy, including uterus, cervix, vagina, and more
  • Signs of Prelabor, including Braxton-Hicks contractions, lightening, mucous plug, and more
  • Onset of Labor, such as contractions and water breaking, COAT
  • Four Stages of Labor, an overview
  • First Stage, contractions, when to head to the hospital, and more
  • Second Stage, including contractions, pelvic station, crowing, birth, and more
  • Third Stage, with skin-to-skin contact and delivery of the placenta
  • Fourth Stage, including involution of the uterus and breastfeeding

Includes digital posters. Grade 8–Adult. 34 minutes. [closed captioned]