Beginning of Life DVD Series (5-vol. set)

ITEM: 48850


Explaining everything from conception to the newborn period, this set is ideal for educating expectant parents about fetal development, the influence of DNA and the environment, early signs of pregnancy, childbirth methods, the Apgar test, and much more. Five-volume set includes: From Conception to Baby, Heredity & Environment, Pregnancy in Progress, Understanding Childbirth, and Newborn Development. Grade 6–Adult. 30–45 minutes each. ©2011


Highlighting a wide variety of important information, this comprehensive, five-volume set covers a full range of childbirth topics. Titles include:

  • From Conception to Baby, which discusses fertilization, how chromosomes determine gender and physical attributes, fetal development, and the role of prenatal care
  • Heredity & Environment, which covers how genes how pass from parent to child, genetic disorders, and the role of genetic counseling and screening
  • Pregnancy in Progress, covers early signs of pregnancy, prenatal tests, and 9 months of development in the womb
  • Understanding Childbirth, which explores different approaches to childbirth, the stages of labor, and what to expect during a vaginal or cesarean delivery
  • Newborn Development, which covers the physical, cognitive, and social changes a newborn experiences

Perfect for childbirth education classes and new parent preparation. Grade 6–Adult. 30–45 minutes each. ©2011