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Understanding Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Guide DVD

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Understanding Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Guide DVD


Teach expectant parents how to keep themselves and their babies healthy during pregnancy. Presenting the latest research-based recommendations, Understanding Pregnancy covers healthy habits and partner involvement, all while stressing the importance of good prenatal health. This DVD features 3-D animation that brings fetal development to life and will motivate moms to take good care of themselves throughout pregnancy. 

Content Includes: 

Fetal Development: overview of trimesters, changes to mom and baby in each trimester, 3-D animation of fetal development. 

Medical Care: choosing a provider, routine appointments, ultrasounds, first trimester screening, glucose tolerance test, Group B strep test. 

Nutrition: extra calories, weight gain, healthy cooking and eating habits, USDA MyPlate, foods to limit or avoid, iron and folic acid, dental hygiene, prenatal vitamins, cravings, beverages, breastfeeding preparation.

Exercise: guidelines, safe and unsafe activities, exercise, warning signs, Kegel exercises, exercise tips by trimester.

Discomforts: nausea, constipation, heartburn, faintness, round ligament pain, backache, swelling, insomnia, leg cramps, Braxton-Hicks contractions, general pregnancy warning signs, preterm labor signs.

Hazards: alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, certain medications, X-rays, hot tubs/saunas/tanning beds, tattoos, environmental hazards.

Emotions: common pregnancy stressors, stress-relief tips, support, body image, relationship tips, dads, domestic abuse. 75 minutes. ©2012

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