When Survivors Give Birth Book

ITEM: 50006


Written for healthcare professionals and survivors of early sexual abuse, this book expertly and compassionately addresses the unusual challenges that arise for abuse victims when they give birth. Describes the impact of early sexual abuse, teaches skills in communication and self-help, and covers clinical challenges and solutions for healthcare professionals. 450 pages. ©2004


Written by Childbirth Graphics advisory board member Penny Simkin, PT, and psychotherapist Phyllis H. Klaus, MFT, this book adeptly and compassionately examines the challenges survivors of abuse face when they give birth. Addressing a varied audience of maternity care professionals, mental health counselors, and survivors of abuse and their families, the book discusses the impact of early sexual abuse; communication, self-help skills, and counseling methods; and clinical challenges for professionals. Includes informative case histories. 450 pages. ©2004