Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple Book

ITEM: 50258


A comprehensive guide, this book provides professionals with the up-to-date and classic research they need to assist new mothers in having the best breastfeeding experience. Includes studies on skin-to-skin contact, laid-back breastfeeding, making milk, and much more. Great for beginning and advanced practitioners, this resource is the ideal for all settings. 905 pages.


Empower every mother to achieve a satisfying breastfeeding relationship with her baby. This must-have reference features specific problem-solving strategies and descriptions of research studies involving a variety of issues, such as skin-to-skin contact. Topics include basic breastfeeding dynamics, breastfeeding rhythms, weight gain and growth, hypoglycemia and jaundice, the preterm baby, making milk, milk expression and storage, nipple pain and other issues, breastfeeding and returning to work, and much more. 905 pages.