Understanding Gestational Diabetes Virtual Educational Resource

ITEM: 52498V


A digital edition of our bilingual English/Spanish Understanding Gestational Diabetes Tear Pad, this virtual educational resource comes on a thumb drive and is perfect for online instruction or to project from a laptop in a classroom setting. Covers what gestational is, problems it can cause, who is at risk for gestational diabetes, testing for gestational diabetes, and management of the condition. Also emphasizes that controlling gestational diabetes can help ensure a healthy baby and mother.


This digital, virtual version of our Understanding Gestational Diabetes Tear Pad provides key information about gestational diabetes and the importance of keeping gestational diabetes under control to help ensure a healthy baby. Covers gestational diabetes risk factors, testing, potential complications, and working with a healthcare professional to manage gestational diabetes. Bilingual English/Spanish content comes on a convenient thumb drive and is ideal for online instruction or for projection from a laptop in the classroom.

Please note: This virtual educational resource is for digital use only and may not be printed, changed, or copied. For our complete virtual educational resources guidelines for use, click here.