Breastmilk Composition Tear Pad, Virtual

ITEM: 52501V


Promote breastfeeding with this virtual, digital version of our English/Spanish Breastmilk Composition Tear Pad. The digital version is an ideal breastfeeding education resource for online instruction or to project from a laptop during classroom presentations. Easy-to-understand text explains that breastmilk is the optimal first food for babies by emphasizing the unique contributions of colostrum, foremilk, and hindmilk. Content comes on a thumb drive.


Show how breastmilk is the best nutrition for babies by explaining its perfect composition with this virtual, digital version of our Breastmilk Composition Tear Pad. The colorful, virtual tear pad discusses the special properties of colostrum, foremilk and hindmilk, including the antibodies in colostrum, lactose and protein in foremilk, and fat and calories in hindmilk. Also provides tips to help ensure a successful feeding. Bilingual English/Spanish. Content comes on a convenient thumb drive.

Please note: This virtual version of the tear pad is for digital use only and may not be printed, changed, or copied.