High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Virtual Educational Resource

ITEM: 52745V


A digital version of our two-sided High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Tear Pad, this virtual childbirth education resource covers types of high blood pressure during pregnancy as well as preeclampsia risk factors, signs and symptoms, screening and diagnosis, potential complications, treatment, and prevention. Perfect for online instruction or to project from a laptop in a traditional classroom setting. Comes on a thumb drive.


Coming on a convenient thumb drive, this digital version of our High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Tear Pad is perfect for online lessons in childbirth education or for projection from a laptop in a classroom. Features both sides of the tear pad explaining how chronic or gestational hypertension, if not kept under control, can progress to preeclampsia. Also covers:

  • Risk Factors for Preeclampsia
  • Signs and Symptoms of Preeclampsia
  • Preeclampsia Screening and Diagnosis
  • Potential Complications of Preeclampsia
  • Treatment of Preeclampsia
  • Prevention of Preeclampsia

Please note: This virtual educational resource is for digital use only and may not be printed, changed, or copied. For our complete virtual educational resources guidelines for use, click here.