Understanding Prenatal Nutrition DVD

ITEM: 71414


This insightful DVD program explains the importance of healthy eating during pregnancy and offers tips for making the best nutritional choices. Content includes calories and weight gain, prenatal vitamins, folate and other nutrients, healthy cooking and healthy eating, foods to limit or avoid, cravings, healthy fluids, and preparing to breastfeed. Grade 8–Adult. 15 minutes. ©2020


In this insightful program on DVD, relatable families and engaging clips explain the importance of good nutrition throughout pregnancy while offering advice on how to make the most nutritional choices. Discusses multiple nutritional topics, including foods to limit or avoid, healthy eating habits, weight gain, preparing to breastfeed, and more.

Clips Cover:

  • Calories and Weight Gain
  • Healthy Habits
  • Folate and Other Nutrients
  • Food Cravings

The easy-to-use program menu facilitates play by topic or clip. Grade 8–Adult. 15 minutes. ©2020 [closed captioned]