Understanding Birth 3rd Edition Premium Package DVD

ITEM: 71422


Featuring the latest medical guidelines, engaging animation, and relatable stories, the premium package of this third edition program on DVD explores different birth choices in a positive and respectful way. Covers pregnancy, labor, comfort techniques, medical procedures, newborns, and the postpartum period. Also presents an unmedicated birth story and a cesarean birth. Perfect for group or classroom education. Includes the complete program (8 chapters, 146 minutes) and an express version (5 chapters, 62 minutes). Grade 8–Adult.


The premium package of this comprehensive, double-disk DVD program features two programs: an eight-chapter full version (146 minutes) and a five-chapter express version (62 minutes), making it perfect for classroom settings. Delivering information in an objective voice, the package examines different birth choices in a positive way, helping expectant parents understand information and options.

Contents Include:

  • Pregnancy—fetal development, emotions, anatomy, discomforts, nutrition, preterm labor, hazards, exercise

  • Labor—signs labor is near, onset, stages overview, early labor, active labor, transition, second stage, third and fourth stages

  • Brandy’s Birth Story—an unmedicated birth story that shows stages of labor, comfort techniques, and partner support

  • Comfort Techniques—support team, massage, visualization, vocalization, breathing, relaxation, hydrotherapy, labor positions, pushing techniques

  • Medical Procedures—birth plans, BRAIN acronym, induction, monitoring, analgesics, epidurals, augmentation, second stage interventions

  • Cesarean Birth—reasons for cesareans, risks, surgery preparation, anesthesia, surgery animation, breastfeeding, recovery

  • Newborns—appearance, procedures, first feeding, senses, crying, Abusive Head Trauma, sleep, SIDS safety

  • Postpartum—involution, lochia, perineum care, emotions (PPD), support, healthy habits, breastfeeding

Comes with facilitator’s guide and parent handouts. Grade 8–Adult. ©2015 [closed captioned]