Breastfeeding for Working Mothers DVD, English/Spanish

ITEM: 71431


Empower new mothers to continue breastfeeding when they return to work. This relatable program in English and Spanish on DVD features strategies and scenarios to help ensure breastfeeding success once employed moms get back to the workplace. Grade 8–Adult. 18 minutes.


Show new mothers that, with a little planning and preparation, they can continue breastfeeding when they return to the workplace. This encouraging program in both English and Spanish on DVD empowers new moms with strategies and builds their confidence to help them continue breastfeeding when they resume employment. Features women working in a variety of employment settings.

Content Includes:

  • Making Plans During Pregnancy—discussing breastfeeding with employers, arranging a pumping space at work, and finding child care that facilitates breastfeeding
  • Getting Ready While Home—having an established breastfeeding routine, practicing pumping breastmilk, and getting baby used to a bottle
  • Returning to Work—creating a morning routine, tips for pumping breastmilk, understanding safe storage guidelines for breastmilk

A great resource for viewing in breastfeeding education classes, in hospital rooms, in waiting rooms, and more. for Grade 8–Adult. 18 minutes.