Understanding Fatherhood PowerPoint

ITEM: 71453


Great for fatherhood classes, this PowerPoint on USB offers engaging and humorous information that covers fathering essentials from the prenatal and postpartum periods and beyond. Fully customizable, the 60-slide PowerPoint features 11 video clips and offers evidence-based information, handy checklists, and fun trivia. A great way to encourage discussion and group interaction among male audience members. Grade 8–Adult. ©2019


Using humor, animation, and inspiration, this PowerPoint on USB is an entertaining way to engage male audiences in fatherhood classes. Covering pregnancy through the postpartum period and beyond, the USB PowerPoint highlights the important role fathers play from the very beginning. Topics include how to be involved during pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum depression in fathers, supporting breastfeeding, nurturing the daddy and baby bond, and more. The PowerPoint is fully customizable, allowing facilitators to move slides, add text, and more. Comes with facilitator’s guide and parent handouts. Grade 8–Adult. Approx. 60 slides and 11 video clips. ©2019