Alcohol and Pregnancy DVD, English/Spanish

ITEM: 71485


Motivational and empowering, this English and Spanish video program on one DVD explains the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Covers how alcohol can affect a developing fetus, effects on a child’s brain, leading an alcohol-free lifestyle, and getting help to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. Grade 8–Adult. 14 minutes. ©2010


Featuring 3-D animation, easy-to-understand information, and helpful strategies, this English and Spanish video program on one DVD is a great way to educate expectant parents about the dangers of maternal drinking during pregnancy. Topics include how alcohol affects a developing baby, such as fetal alcohol syndrome and effects on brain development, physical health, and behavior. Also covers breastfeeding and alcohol and offers tips on being alcohol-free, including partner support, ways to avoid alcohol, avoiding alcohol while trying to conceive, recognizing alcohol abuse, and getting help. Grade 8–Adult. 14 minutes. ©2010 [closed captioned English only]