Life Skills for Teen Parents Volume 1: Healthy Relationships DVD

ITEM: 71486


The first volume in the two-volume Life Skills for Teen Parents video program, this DVD helps teens learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships. Covers relationship basics, conflict and communication, and building a support network. Grade 8–Adult. 35 minutes. ©2007


Focusing on building healthy relationships, this first DVD of the two-volume Life Skills for Teen Parents video program provides teens with confidence and helps them develop the life skills needed to be successful teen parents and adults. Content includes:

  • Relationship Basics—building self-esteem, stages of relationships, birth control, and more

  • Conflict and Commitment—learning to communicate and listen, breaking up, risks of living together, unhealthy relationships, marriage

  • Building a Support Network and Parenting—healthy and unhealthy friendships, establishing paternity, parenting agreements, getting along with parents, finding supportive adults

An ideal resource for working with teen parents. Grade 8–Adult. 35 minutes. ©2007 [closed captioned]