Understanding Breastfeeding 2nd Edition DVD

ITEM: 71563


Educate and motivate families to breastfeed successfully! This video program on DVD features beautiful breastfeeding imagery, animation, and interviews with lactation consultants and real parents. Includes recommendations from the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Grade 8–Adult. 37 minutes. ©2019 [closed captioned]


The latest edition of InJoy’s popular breastfeeding program, this video on DVD uses inclusive language and fresh graphics to give parents the confidence and skills they need to make a successful commitment to breastfeeding. The program is divided into short clips that are perfect to engage learners and work within the time limitations for teaching. Chapters cover how breastfeeding works, how to breastfeed, when to feed your baby, getting enough milk, breast care, and the breastfeeding lifestyle. Also includes references to baby-led latch, reverse-pressure softening, and marijuana as well as a breastfeeding image library. Grade 8–Adult. 37 minutes. ©2019 [closed captioned]