See For Yourself: Pap Tests Easel Display

ITEM: 79733


Promote the importance of Pap tests and HPV screening with these handpainted cervix models. Models depict a normal cervix, a cervix with a benign tumor, and cervices with cancer. The 9" x 12" display comes with a protective fleece cover and is perfect for women’s health initiatives and clinics.


Easy-to-understand text combined with six handpainted, realistic cervix models make teaching the importance of regular Pap and HPV tests easy. This 3-D display is perfect for one-on-one presentations. 

Models depict:

  • Normal Cervix
  • Benign Cervical Tumor
  • Carcinoma in Situ
  • Early Noninvasive Cancer
  • Early Invasive Cancer
  • Advanced Invasive Cancer

Comes with protective fleece cover. 9" x 12".