4 Trimesters of Childbearing Virtual Chart Set

ITEM: 90649V


Cover fetal development and pregnancy week by week with the virtual, digital version of our 4 Trimesters of Childbearing Charts. The digital format facilitates online instruction and can be projected from a laptop during childbirth education classes. Digital images trace fetal development and maternal changes during pregnancy and relate them directly to the appropriate weeks of gestation. The often neglected “fourth” trimester of postpartum adjustment is also covered. Content comes on a convenient thumb drive.


This virtual, digital version of our 4 Trimesters of Childbearing Charts is ideal for online childbirth education courses or for projecting from a laptop in the classroom. The four digital charts cover each trimester of pregnancy as well as the “fourth” trimester of postpartum adjustment while highlighting fetal development and the maternal changes during each week of pregnancy. Great for instructing expectant parents and students. Content comes on a thumb drive.

Please note: This virtual educational resource is for digital use only and may not be printed, changed, or copied. For our complete virtual educational resources guidelines for use, click here.