Breastmilk: Baby's Best Nutrition Chart

ITEM: 90693


What makes breastmilk so special? This colorful laminated chart (24" x 18") illustrates the differences among and explains the importance of colostrum, hindmilk, and foremilk. Emphasizes that all three components of breastmilk are necessary for a baby to get a healthy head start in life. Great to promote breastmilk as a baby’s best first nutrition.


Made by moms, breastmilk is the best food for babies, and this chart highlights why each component of breastmilk is an invaluable source of nutrition. Explains that colostrum provides concentrated nutrition and antibodies, foremilk is a great source of lactose and proteins, and hindmilk contains fat and calories that babies need. Also emphasizes that a baby should finish feeding at one breast before moving to the other. Laminated. 24" x 18".