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Introducing Our New
Childbirth Graphics Logo

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new decade, and, at Childbirth Graphics, we’ve got a fresh, new look!

We’re changing our logo, but you might notice that our “new” logo looks familiar. That’s because it’s an updated and refreshed version of our original logo, which was featured in our innovative childbirth education materials and catalogs until 2011.

As our award-winning art director Karen Atkins succinctly puts it, our new logo is “a nod to our past, but it’s also embracing the future.”

Our new Childbirth Graphics logo recognizes and incorporates our rich heritage by taking the best elements of our original logo—which featured touching silhouettes of an infant joined by two loving adults—and combining them with the comforting, curving font in our brand name from the logo we used from 2011 to 2019.

While recognizing our past, the return to the three-figure silhouette in our logo also embraces the present—and future. As always, Childbirth Graphics’ mission, our calling, is to impart life-giving education, born from a shared understanding with our customers and delivered with loving care. Our brand tag line is “Nurturing healthy babies, growing healthy families.” By returning to the three-figure silhouette in our original logo, we want to accentuate the importance of the evolving definition of family.

Especially when a child is involved, today’s family includes not only parents and their child; the term “family” includes parents, grandparents, extended relatives, partners, caregivers, friends, and all loved ones who are committed to the care, nurturing, educating, and loving of that child. Family is all about love and commitment. Our return to the classic three-person silhouette from our original logo represents every baby and all the loving people in a baby’s life who are dedicated to the nurturing, loving, and upbringing of that baby.

Throughout the year, as we create new childbirth education resources and update our classic childbirth education teaching tools, look for our new logo to feature prominently in our new and updated products. From pregnancy through labor and birth, the postpartum period, newborns, breastfeeding, and early parenting, Childbirth Graphics is committed to providing the best childbirth education resources to help ensure the nurturing of healthy babies and growing of healthy families.

In the new decade and beyond, Childbirth Graphics looks forward to being your ongoing partner in childbirth education.

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