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Our New Fetal Models and
New Childbirth Model Sets

You asked for them, and Childbirth Graphics has delivered: Introducing our new Fetal Models and childbirth education model sets!

Our newest educational cloth Fetal Models are now available in brown and dark brown as well as beige! Designed with the childbirth educator in mind, our Fetal Models are an essential resource to teach and demonstrate what happens during labor and birth.

Fetal Models Now Available in More Skin Tones

With a soft, durable cloth body, our Fetal Models are 19" long and represent an average-sized, full-term baby. The body flexes to show all presentations and positions, and the plastic head features palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. To facilitate educational demonstrations, snaps allow the hands to be secured and enable the attachment of our Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, which is sold separately.

Our Fetal Models available
beige, brown, and dark brown

To provide comprehensive lessons in the process of labor and birth, our Fetal Model is best used in combination with our Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, our Perineal Cloth Model, and one of our pelvis models, including the Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model, the Cloth Pelvic Model, and the Female Pelvis Model. Each of these items is available separately, but the savings add up when you buy one of our childbirth education model sets, now available with your choice of a brown, dark brown, or beige Fetal Model!

Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set

Our Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set features the Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model, which shows the pelvis in accurate detail with enhanced flexibility. The pelvis (10½" x 7" x 7½") is easy to manipulate, facilitating demonstrations of how the pelvis moves to accommodate delivery and helping students visualize how the pelvic bones flex during birth. The pelvis model also allows delivery of the Fetal Model. Also included in the set are the Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, the Perineal Cloth Model, and the Fetal Model in your choice of brown, dark brown, or beige.

Our New Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model Set
with Fetal Model with brown skin tone

Cloth Pelvic Model Set

If you’re looking for a flexible pelvis that packs easily for childbirth education on the go, then the Cloth Pelvic Model Set is the perfect option! The set includes our soft, Cloth Pelvic Model (9½" x 7" x 7"), which has the flexibility to show how the pelvis changes during labor and birth and accommodates delivery of our Fetal Model. Lightweight and easy to transport from class to class, this set also includes our Perineal Cloth Model, Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, and Fetal Model available in brown, dark brown, or beige.

Our New Cloth Pelvic Model Set with
Fetal Model with dark brown skin tone

Childbirth Model Set

Now available with your choice of a brown, dark brown, or beige Fetal Model, the Childbirth Model Set is both educational and economical! The set features our Female Pelvis Model (10½" x 7" x 7½") and can accommodate delivery of our Fetal Model in childbirth demonstrations. Also including the Perineal Cloth Model and the Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, the Childbirth Model Set is a great choice to teach about the process of giving birth.

Our Childbirth Model Set with
Fetal Model with beige skin tone

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