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Childbirth Education in a Box

Presenting life-changing, memorable, and effective lessons in health and childbirth education doesn’t necessarily require a lot of expensive materials or high-tech gadgetry. Sometimes, all you need can fit neatly inside a small box!

Each available for less than $60, Childbirth Graphics’ Prenatal Care Box Display, Breastfeeding Benefits Box Display, and Postpartum Care Box are simple, engaging, and fun teaching tools to use with audiences in prenatal education classes, breastfeeding education workshops, new mom groups, and more. Educators can also use them while working with individual moms and couples. Each of the small 6½" x 7" x 4½" boxes contains 13 to 14 items that serve as prompts for important discussion points related to prenatal care, breastfeeding benefits, or postpartum care. Detailed presentation notes are included with each box, helping educators guide discussions about the important points each item in the box represents.

A fun lesson in a box: our
Prenatal Care Box Display!

Read on to learn more about these deceptively simple yet highly effective teaching tools, and discover more educational materials to reinforce the lessons taught with each box!

Prenatal Care Box Display

A fish, a cockroach, a joint, and a paintbrush: What could these items possibly have in common? These seemingly incongruous items are just four of the 13 models in our Prenatal Care Box Display, with each item representing an important safety concern during pregnancy. The fish, for example, represents foods to limit or avoid, such as certain types of fish (shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish) that can be high in mercury and harm a developing baby’s nervous system. The joint represents marijuana and illegal drugs, which a pregnant woman should avoid to help prevent serious problems for her baby, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, life-long disabilities, and birth defects. The cockroach represents the importance of avoiding exposure to pesticides, and the paintbrush represents the importance of being cautious about or avoiding certain chemicals during pregnancy.

Our Prenatal Care Box Display is a great teaching tool to
spark discussion about substances to avoid during pregnancy.

When working with groups, the Prenatal Care Box Display is a fun way to get group members interacting, talking, and thinking about safety concerns during pregnancy and what they can do to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Passing the box around while asking each group member to pull out an object and guess what safety concern it represents gets everyone engaged in active learning. The detailed presentation notes can help guide the facilitator in discussing each item, covering diverse safety concerns during pregnancy such as avoiding alcohol, reducing stress, staying cool and hydrated, and checking with a healthcare professional before taking any medications or supplements.

Handing out our Prenatal Care Booklet helps reinforce
lessons covered with the Prenatal Care Box Display.

For facilitators looking to reinforce information taught in sessions using the Prenatal Care Box Display, our Prenatal Care Booklet is a great handout to provide audience members. This handy 16-page booklet covers a variety of safety concerns during pregnancy. The booklet also discusses other prenatal care topics, including prenatal visits, healthy nutrition and physical activity during pregnancy, and much more.

Breastfeeding Benefits Box Display

Breastmilk is the best first food for babies, and our Breastfeeding Benefits Box Display is a fun way to help individuals and groups understand some of the many reasons why breastfeeding offers optimal benefits for babies and their moms.

Our Breastfeeding Benefits Box Display is a fun tool
to teach many of the benefits of breastfeeding.

Among the 14 models in the box are a brain (representing how breastmilk promotes a baby’s brain development), a thermometer (representing antibodies in breastmilk, helping protect a baby from illness), a pink ribbon (representing a breastfeeding mother’s decreased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers), and the earth (showing how breastfeeding benefits the enviroment). Presentation notes explain the significance of each item and help guide discussion of breastfeeding’s innumerable benefits.

Moms learn the many reasons why breastfeeding is
best with our The ABCs of Breastfeeding Benefits Pamphlet.

Our The ABCs of Breastfeeding Benefits Pamphlet and Why Should I Breastfeed My Baby? Tear Pad provide important take-home information to reinforce lessons learned with the Breastfeeding Benefits Box Display. Each of these resources explains the many ways mothers and babies both enjoy the numerous benefits that breastfeeding provides.

Postpartum Care Box

A hemorrhoid cleansing towelette, a sanitary pad, and a breast soothing gel pad: Each of these items can help a new mom tend to her special needs after giving birth. The Postpartum Care Box features these items as well as 11 additional objects (14 total items) that cover a variety of postpartum care topics.

Our Postpartum Care Box is a great teaching tool to spark discussion
about postpartum depression and other postpartum concerns.

Some items in the box cover nutritional needs, including a model of orange juice (representing proper nutrition and hydration) and a model of pinto beans (representing the importance of high-fiber foods to promote bowel regularity). Items such as a sanitary pad (for vaginal discharge) and a perineal irrigation bottle (for perineal care) deal with physical needs during the postpartum period. A handkerchief serves as a prompt to discuss the “baby blues” and postpartum depression as well as the importance of receiving help when postpartum depression is suspected.

Using the Postpartum Care Box is ideal to help new mothers understand how important it is to take care of themselves as well as their babies during the postpartum period. Lessons learned with the box can remind them that they need time to rest and recover after giving birth.

Our Postpartum Care Booklet reinforces
lessons learned with the Postpartum Care Box.

After using the Postpartum Care Box in individual or group settings, facilitators can reinforce the information by handing out our Postpartum Care Booklet. This 16-page booklet covers a variety of postpartum care issues, including nutrition, sore breasts, uterine contractions, postpartum depression, and more.

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