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Keeping Babies Safe

September is Baby Safety Month, which makes September a great time to focus on babyproofing, childproofing, and the safe selection and proper use of consumer products for infants.

Taking preemptive steps can make all the difference in preventing an unthinkable tragedy. Unintentional injuries are a leading cause of death for infants and children ages 4 and younger. Each year, infants and young children tragically die as a result of motor vehicle crashes, suffocation, poisoning, drowning, or other accidents, and many of these deaths are preventable.

As part of our mission to nurture healthy babies and grow healthy families, Childbirth Graphics offers a variety of safety education materials and resources to help parents provide their babies and young children with a safe environment to grow and thrive. Check out just a few of our engaging teaching tools that cover car safety, sleep safety, and childproofing.

Car Safety

In addition to never leaving a baby or young child alone in a vehicle, parents and caregivers should always keep infants and young children securely fastened in a car seat in the back seat of a vehicle every time they travel.

Our English/Spanish, 100-sheet Car Safety for Your Baby Tear Pad is a helpful handout for new parents that discusses the necessity for car seats, rear-facing seats for infants and young children, forward-facing seats for children who have reached the proper height and weight requirements, and car seat installation. Not using car seats for infants and young children can result in legal consequences for drivers and unnecessary injury and death to children in a collision.

Sleep Safety

Creating a safe sleep environment can make all the difference in reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Our English/Spanish Loving Baby Care: Sleep Safety Tear Pad uses color photos and simple text to explain how to create a safe sleep environment. Our English/Spanish Reducing the Risk of SIDS Tear Pad also explains how to create a safe sleep environment and offers other tips to reduce SIDS risk, including breastfeeding and ensuring a baby keeps all routine healthcare visits. Each tear pad has 100 sheets per pad.

Both tear pads emphasize the importance of putting infants on their backs to sleep, a reminder adorably displayed on our cozy SIDS Infant T-Shirt.


Being vigilant and thinking ahead to divert disaster is essential for parents and caregivers of young children. From the time a baby starts to crawl, potential hazards abound, so being prepared is essential.

Our Mama, Make Me Safe Inside & Outside Pamphlet/Poster colorfully illustrates 14 unsafe outdoor conditions. It unfolds into a 16" x 17" poster that depicts 34 more potential threats lurking inside the home. In addition to the unsafe conditions depicted, the pamphlet/poster covers other dangers, from choking hazards to unsecured televisions.

Covering all the amazing discoveries and milestones in a baby’s first 12 months, the 16-page Your Baby’s First Year Booklet discusses childproofing, bathroom safety, and other safety essentials, such as the dangers of button batteries.

Making Baby Safety a Priority

From our best-selling Shaken Baby Demonstration Model to our Medicine Cabinet or Candy Box? Display that reinforces the need for childproofing, Childbirth Graphics is dedicated to providing safety education materials for new parents and caregivers of young children. Visit our safety education section to learn more.

The information contained in this article is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional.

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