Secondhand Smoke Booklet

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This great take-home resource dispels the myth that only smokers are at risk because of their habit. Booklet covers health consequences of secondhand smoke exposure, such as various types of cancer and cardiovascular disease; the effects of secondhand smoke on infants and children; secondhand smoke in the home and workplace, secondhand smoke in public; and tips to reduce secondhand smoke in public. Booklet is 16 pages. Minimum order is 50.


Hand out this compelling booklet to give your audience a full understanding of why secondhand smoke is so dangerous. Topics covered in the booklet include:

  • Secondhand Smoke and Cancer
  • Secondhand Smoke and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Secondhand Smoke and Infants
  • Secondhand Smoke and Children
  • Secondhand Smoke in the Home
  • Secondhand Smoke in the Workplace
  • Secondhand Smoke in the Public Places
  • E-cigarettes and Vaping
  • A Final Word for Smokers

Great for anti-tobacco education, this booklet explains the importance of avoiding secondhand smoke and encourages smokers to quit. 16 pages. Minimum order is 50.