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At Childbirth Graphics, we love to find new and creative ways to deliver childbirth education!

That’s why Childbirth Graphics is dedicated to developing engaging and innovative childbirth education materials to teach expectant and new parents, as well as for training healthcare professionals. We also are continually reviewing and updating our classic Childbirth Graphics products that childbirth educators have come to know and trust.

Click on the links below to learn about our featured new and updated childbirth education resources and materials that focus on nurturing healthy babies and growing healthy families. Check back often to see what’s new from Childbirth Graphics, and click here to see our latest new and updated childbirth education teaching tools!

Special Delivery: Our New My SmartBaby™ Infant Simulator!

My SmartBaby answers the need for the perfect infant simulator to provide realistic instruction in infant care and promote teen pregnancy prevention while giving instructors the convenience and flexibility of managing the entire experience with a mobile app. Learn more about this amazing new teaching tool, and contact our customer service for quantity pricing!

Our New Dads Activity Kit

Becoming a new dad is easier when you know where to jump in and start! Perfect for parenting classes or for working one-on-one with expectant or new dads, this fun kit is designed as an icebreaking activity to get new dads to consider the many ways they can bond with their babies and support their partners as they adapt to parenthood together. The kit features 13 items representing key discussion points about how a new dad can actively engage with his baby and care for his growing family as well as himself. Discover this great new fatherhood teaching tool!

Our New Fetus Model Set, Brown (4)

Featuring soft, lifelike fetal models in brown skin tone at 12, 16, 22, and 30 weeks of pregnancy, this set of four fetus models is perfect for teaching about fetal development and the importance of prenatal care and nutrition. The set comes with a convenient carrying case, making it ideal for traveling health education. Discover this essential childbirth education set!

Our New Vinyl Pelvic Model Sets With Brown and Dark Brown Fetal Models

Our classic Vinyl Pelvic Model Set, which features our Vinyl Pelvic Model, Perineal Cloth Model, and Placenta/Cord/Amnion/Chorion Model, is now available with your choice of fetal model in brown, dark brown, or beige skin tones. Discover this versatile teaching tool!

Our Updated Breastfeeding Chart Collection, English/Spanish

With a pretty purple binder, our updated collection of full-color, loose-leaf breastfeeding charts now includes numbering on the charts to facilitate use with the detailed presentation notes (English only), and additional combined English/Spanish text on individual charts makes it easier for bilingual education. Discover this great breastfeeding teaching resource!

Back by Popular Demand: Our Womb to Grow™ Model Set!

Beloved by childbirth educators for its non-threatening way to depict fetal development, this classic model set features nine pillowlike models that represent the fetus at nine stages of development. Ideal for use with teen moms and adult couples, the versatile set offers a variety of teaching applications. Discover this great childbirth education resource!

She’s Back! Our Popular Lactessa™ Breastfeeding Model

You talked, and we listened! Our beloved breastfeeding education model is back and ready for lactation education. With her open mouth, cupped tongue, hard palate, and weighted body, Lactessa is perfect to demonstrate suck training, breastfeeding positions, finger feeding, and so much more. Check out this versatile breastfeeding teaching tool!

Our New 12-Week Fetus Model

A wonderful pregnancy education resource, this lifelike model of a fetus at 12 weeks of gestation helps expectant parents visualize their growing baby inside the womb. Made of soft BIOLIKE™ material, the model is ideal for discussions about prenatal care and avoiding hazardous substances during pregnancy.

Our Updated Hazards During Pregnancy Folding Display

With a fresh, updated, new look, this popular folding display now has more information about hazards to avoid and other protective measures to take during pregnancy, such as avoiding e-cigarettes, taking care with hand washing and food safety, and getting appropriate protective vaccines. Discover this great educational display!

Our Updated Healthy Newborns Pocket Guide

This convenient, pocket-size version of our popular Healthy Newborns Flip Chart updates 32 of the 57 color images depicting healthy newborn appearances, procedures, and reflexes. New images to the pocket guide cover meconium, acne, hunger cues, and umbilical cord healing. Learn more about this handy, bilingual English/Spanish guide!

Our Updated With Child™ Large-Size Spiral-Bound Charts

They’re back and better than ever—our thoroughly revised With Child Large-Size Spiral-Bound Charts! The latest version of this comprehensive, award-winning, childbirth education resource features more information about preconception planning, new material on food and exercise safety, updated facts about pain medications and birth interventions, additional content on the postpartum period, and so much more. Learn more about this must-have, spiral-bound teaching tool!

Our Updated Smoking and Your Baby Folding Display

Reveal the hazards of smoking during pregnancy and after a baby’s birth with our colorfully redesigned and updated folding display! In addition to a new look, this childbirth education folding display features additional information on the possible effects of smoking during pregnancy, such as placental problems, and warns against the use of e-cigarettes. Discover more about this popular resource!

Our New ICEA Childbirth Educator Tool Kits With Brown and Dark Brown Fetal Models

We’ve expanded our line of ICEA Childbirth Educator Tool Kits, allowing you to select the Tool Kit with your choice of Fetal Model in brown, dark brown, or beige skin tone. Check out this must-have childbirth educator essential!

Our New Knitted Uterus Model Set With Brown and Dark Brown Fetal Models

Our popular Knitted Uterus Model Set, which comes with one Knitted Uterus/Vagina Model and one Knitted Uterus Model Cesarean Version, is now available with your choice of Fetal Model in brown, dark brown, or beige skin tone. Discover this versatile teaching tool!

Our New Deluxe Mini-Model Set With Flexible Pelvis

Our new miniature childbirth set of pocket-size models packs a big educational impact! The set features a mini fetal model, a placenta/cord model with amniotic sac, a knitted uterus model, a receiving blanket, and a Deluxe Mini-Model Flexible Pelvis (also available separately) that can be manipulated to show how the pelvis moves to accommodate delivery. The components of the set, which also include one 100-sheet Penny Simkin’s Road Map of Labor Tear Pad, all fit in the set’s convenient green carrying tote. Learn more about this must-have resource that is perfect for anyone providing one-on-one instruction!

Our New Postpartum Depression in Fathers Tear Pad

Although not as well-recognized as postpartum depression in mothers, postpartum depression is quite common in men, occurring in about 10 percent of new fathers. This new English/Spanish tear pad raises awareness about paternal postpartum depression, its causes and signs, how it can impact the whole family, and why seeking treatment is important. Learn more about this great take-home resource!

Our Updated Successful Breastfeeding Folding Display

Our popular Successful Breastfeeding Folding Display has a fresh, new look and additional content, including signs that a baby is getting enough breastmilk, as well as more information about breastfeeding benefits, positions, and latch techniques that may improve breastfeeding success. Check out this colorful resource that is perfect for lactation consultants’ offices, breastfeeding awareness initiatives, and more.

Our Updated Healthy Newborns Flip Chart

We’ve revised our popular Healthy Newborns Flip Chart, updating 32 of the 57 color images that show healthy newborn appearances, procedures, and reflexes. New images and presentation notes cover meconium, acne, hunger cues, and umbilical cord healing. Learn more about this essential teaching tool for childbirth education classes!

Our New Childbirth Graphics Tote Bag

Featuring our new Childbirth Graphics logo, our roomy Childbirth Graphics Tote Bag is perfect for carrying our childbirth education model sets. The fashionable black bag features shoulder-length carrying handles, a sturdy, zippered closure, and a large front zipper pocket. It’s an ideal accessory for traveling childbirth educators. Discover more about this must-have carryall bag!

Our New ICEA Childbirth Educator Tool Kit

Created in consultation with the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), this kit of teaching tools is ideal for childbirth educators just entering the profession as well as for veteran educators who want to stock up on their materials. The tool kit features a sturdy, durable tote bag filled with some of our most popular Childbirth Graphics educator essentials. Learn more about this great new resource that’s perfect for childbirth education on the go!

Our New Supportive Fathers Tear Pad Set (4)

All four of our fatherhood education tear pads are now available as a set! From pregnancy to labor and birth, breastfeeding, and the postpartum period, these tear pads give expectant and new fathers helpful tips and strategies to support their partners and babies as they grow together as a family. Buy the set and save!

Our New How Fathers Can Support Labor and Birth Tear Pad

Give expectant fathers useful tips and strategies to help them support their partners during labor and birth! Our new, 100-sheet, English/Spanish tear pad helps fathers understand their important supportive role during labor and birth while providing strategies to help them be comforting, active participants and birth companions.

Our Updated Prenatal Care Booklet

Filled with great information for mothers-to-be, our updated Prenatal Care Booklet features new photos and additional information about prenatal immunizations, medications taken during pregnancy, pregnancy hazards, and healthy pregnancy weight gain. Check out this popular pregnancy handout!

Our Updated Comfort Measures in Pregnancy Booklet

With new photos, our Updated Comfort Measures in Pregnancy Booklet features additional information about safe relief methods for many of the typical discomforts a woman may experience during pregnancy. This take-home resource is a booklet that mothers-to-be will refer to again and again.

Our New How Fathers Can Support the Postpartum Mom Tear Pad

Great for new fathers, this colorful, 100-sheet, English/Spanish tear pad offers dads tips and strategies they can use to support their partner during the postpartum period of recovery and adjustment. From making Mom a special priority to tackling baby care and more, this reassuring handout helps fathers understand their important postpartum role while encouraging them to take care of themselves, too.

Our New How Fathers Can Support Pregnancy Tear Pad

When expectant fathers support their partners during pregnancy, the whole family benefits! Designed for dads-to-be, our colorful new English/Spanish tear pad highlights strategies to help expectant fathers support their partners throughout pregnancy. With useful tips for dads-to-be, this tear pad is a great handout to encourage expectant dads to support their partners and get actively involved in the pregnancy.

Our New Diverse Fetal Models and Childbirth Education Model Sets

You asked for them, and we delivered! Childbirth Graphics is now offering our educational Fetal Models in brown, dark brown, and beige skin tones. Fetal Models are available individually, or save when you buy the Fetal Model of your choice as part of one of our diverse, must-have childbirth education model sets!

Our New Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model

Our new Deluxe Breast Self-Exam Model features enhanced durability and an ultra-realistic feel to promote breast self-awareness and teach breast self-examination. Learn more about this latest addition to our women’s health education products that raise breast cancer awareness.

Our New Loving Baby Care™ Tear Pad Set

Our ever-popular Loving Baby Care series of tear pads is now available as a comprehensive set of seven tear pads! Each English/Spanish tear pad explains an aspect of infant care—from sponge bathing to sleep safety and more—with simple text and step-by-step color photos. Buy the set and save!

Our Updated Breastfeeding Tear Pad Set

Combining the breastfeeding information you trust with full-color photos, we’ve updated our classic, English/Spanish breastfeeding education tear pads into engaging, take-home handouts your patients and clients will love!