Breastfeeding Your Baby Booklet

ITEM: 50403


Previously titled Breastfeeding—Your Essential Guide, the latest edition of this colorful booklet is a great resource for lactation educators to give to clients that covers a full range of breastfeeding issues. Topics include reasons to breastfeed, latching on, breastfeeding positions, challenges, using a pump, introducing solids, and much more. Grade 8–Adult. 24 pages. ©2019


Full of color photos and illustrations, this booklet is a great resource to give to clients to help summarize key information about breastfeeding.

Some of the many covered topics include:

  • Why Breastfeed Your Baby
  • Steps for Success
  • Breast Anatomy
  • Breastfeeding Hormones
  • Newborn Instincts
  • Positions for Breastfeeding
  • Hunger Cues and Transferring Milk
  • Ever-Changing Breastmilk
  • Newborn Digestion
  • Latching
  • Challenges
  • Hand Expression and Pumping
  • Supplies
  • Self-Care
  • Introducing Solids

Grade 8–Adult. 24 pages. ©2019