Crying/Colic Tear Pad, English/Spanish

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5 – 9$30.00
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50 +$24.00


Helpful take-home information, this English/Spanish tear pad gives tips to help comfort a baby with colic. Defines what colic is and provides suggestions to soothe a baby with colic, such as holding the baby in comforting positions, taking your baby for a ride in the car, swaddling your baby, burping your baby during feedings, and more. A great resource for new parents. 100 sheets per pad.


Provide reassuring information for new parents. This tear pad covers what colic is and offers tips to comfort a crying baby, such as swaddling, burping during feedings, and more. Also explains that colic is common in healthy babies and usually passes by the time a baby is 4 months old. English on one side and Spanish on the other. 100 sheets per pad.