Fundus Skills And Assessment Trainer

ITEM: 54020


Great for student education, this trainer (19" x 18" x 16") features the normal anatomy of the postpartum female abdomen and is designed for teaching fundus assessment and massage skills. Upper thighs articulate for positioning. Includes realistic landmark of the symphysis pubis, as well as interchangeable uteri. Demonstrates various conditions, including second-degree midline episiotomy, bladder distention, and more. This product has international sales restrictions.


This trainer is perfect providing instruction in assessment of the postpartum female abdomen. The trainer features:

  • Upper thighs that articulate for positioning
  • Removable skin with umbilicus
  • Realistic landmark of the symphysis pubis
  • Interchangeable firm, contracted uterus and “boggy,” not contracted uterus
  • Fundus offset secondary to bladder distention
  • Female genitalia including clitoral swelling, second-degree midline episiotomy, and visible anal hemorrhoids

Includes one female pelvis with upper thighs, one abdominal/pelvis skin, one fundus platform, one contracted uterus, one “boggy” uterus, one female genitalia, one symphysis pubis (pelvic pin), one urinary bladder reservoir, three urinary connector valves, two clamps, one bottle of simulated blood, five peri pads, one bottle of talcum powder, and directions for use. 19" x 18" x 16". 

*This product has international sales restrictions.