Understanding Birth 3rd Edition PowerPoint, Spanish

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With animation, detailed illustrations, and discussion questions, this comprehensive, Spanish-language PowerPoint delivered on a USB flash drive features 187 slides and 50 video clips from the Understanding Birth 3rd Edition DVD. Fully customizable PowerPoint covers multiple birth topics from pregnancy through postpartum. Includes parent chapter handouts. Grade 8–Adult. ©2015


Featuring realistic animation of labor and birth procedures and video clips from the Understanding Birth 3rd Edition DVD, this versatile PowerPoint in Spanish delivered on a USB flash drive is fully customizable, allowing you to move slides, add text, and more.

Content Includes:

  • Pregnancy, including fetal development, discomforts, warning signs, nutrition, preterm labor, and more

  • Labor, including signs of labor, stages of labor, pain theories, emotions, and more

  • Unmedicated, Vaginal Birth Story, including natural coping techniques, partner support, and more

  • Comfort Techniques, including massage, breathing, visualization, and more

  • Medical Procedures, including birth plans, fetal monitoring, medical and nonmedical alternatives, and more

  • Cesarean Birth, including reasons for ceseareans, reducing risk for a cesarean, and more

  • Newborns, including procedures, appearance, behaviors, and more

  • Postpartum, including physical and emotional recovery and breastfeeding

  • Follow-Along Exercises, such as labor rehearsals, breathing exercises, and more

Includes parent chapter handouts. 187 slides and 50 video clips. Grade 8–Adult. ©2015