Managing Early Breastfeeding Challenges DVD

ITEM: 71538


Use this insightful program on DVD to train nursing and lactation staff in specific, evidence-based techniques to help mothers overcome common early breastfeeding challenges as mother and baby learn to breastfeed together. Co-produced by ILCA and InJoy, this staff-training program covers newborn challenges, maternal challenges, milk product and transfer issues, and discharge planning. Suitable for Baby-Friendly hospitals. Adult. 36 minutes. ©2011


Produced by ILCA and InJoy, this program on DVD is designed to train staff in evidence-based techniques to help new mothers overcome common breastfeeding challenges. The program uses clinical scenarios with mothers to show how to solve problems and provides guidance to help prepare parents for challenges after discharge.

Includes Four Modules:

  • Newborn Challenges, such as waking a sleeping baby, oral structure variations, and late preterm infants as well as potential solutions, such as skin-to-skin care, frenulotomy, milk expression, and more

  • Maternal Challenges, including flat and inverted nipples, nipple pain, and more as well as solutions, such as reverse pressure softening, position and latch, and nipple shields

  • Milk Production and Transfer, such as perceived insufficient milk supply and delayed or low milk production as well as solutions including the lactation process, signs of milk transfer, expressing breastmilk by hand or breast pump, and more

  • Discharge Planning, covering issues such as engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis as well as solutions such as comfort methods and when to call a healthcare professional

Suitable for Baby-Friendly hospitals. Adult. 36 minutes. ©2011 [closed captioned]