Understanding Birth 4th Edition Premium USB

ITEM: 71551


Featuring the latest medical guidelines and terminology, engaging animation, and relatable stories, the premium package of this fourth edition program delivered on a USB flash drive explores different birth choices in a positive and respectful way. Covers pregnancy, labor, comfort techniques, medical procedures, newborns, and the postpartum period. Also presents a two-in-one birth story with both unmedicated and epidural experiences. Grade 8–Adult. 68 video clips; 4½ hours. ©2021


Delivered on a USB flash drive, the premium package of this comprehensive video program uses short, engaging video clips to present parents with the latest evidence-based information about the process of giving birth. Modern animation, relatable birth stories with diverse families, and an objective voice present information in an easy-to-understand way. The fourth edition covers the latest guidelines from leading organizations—including the American Academy of Pediatrics’ circumcision and sudden unexplained infant death (SUID) policies—and up-to-date breastfeeding information. Also features a two-in-one birth story with both unmedicated and epidural experiences and discusses perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD).

Chapters Include:

  • Pregnancy

  • Labor

  • Birth Stories

  • Comfort Techniques

  • Medical Procedures

  • Cesarean Birth

  • Newborns

  • Postpartum

Each chapter has extended content, including nitrous oxide and laboring with an epidural, an ice breaker video, and chapter summaries. Other convenient features include a menu to play by chapter, clip, or playlist; express version and prebuilt playlists; and the ability to create custom playlists. Comes with facilitator’s guide and parent handouts. Grade 8–Adult. 68 video clips; 4½ hours. ©2021 [closed captioned]