Cloth Breast and Hand Puppet Model Set, Beige

ITEM: 75320


Two essential teaching tools are combined for the ultimate breastfeeding education experience! Use our Breastfeeding Hand Puppet with our Cloth Breast Model to demonstrate proper/improper latch, correct tongue positioning, lip flange, and much more. Includes teaching ideas and instructions.


With this combination of our popular Cloth Breast Model and Breastfeeding Hand Puppet, you can provide engaging and effective demonstrations in lactation education. Made of hand-sewn, high-quality cloth, the 5" diameter Cloth Breast Model features an elastic strap on the back, making it easy to handle. A foam insert allows the model to look and feel like an engorged breast, and two beads anchored within the model simulate a plugged duct and a breast lump. The model facilitates teaching the anatomy and physiology of the breast, preparation for breastfeeding, breastfeeding problems, breast self-exam, and more. Use the Cloth Breast Model with the Breastfeeding Hand Puppet to demonstrate rooting reflex and latching on, symmetrical/assymetrical latch, improper latch/nipple confusion, and ending a feeding. Set includes teaching ideas and instructions.