New Dads Activity Kit

ITEM: 78063


Ideal for expectant and new fathers classes, parenting workshops, working one-on-one, and more, this kit is designed to break the ice and get expectant and new dads to consider how they can bond with their babies and support their partners as they adapt to parenthood together. The kit features 13 objects representing ways a new dad can actively participate in parenthood, nurture a healthy family, and take care of himself. Objects suggest parenting activities (such as changing diapers, sharing music, and reading books), ways to support a partner (shopping for groceries, doing household chores, and spending time together as a couple), and the importance of taking some personal time to rest and regroup. The kit is perfect to present ideas, encourage questions, and promote discussions. Comes with detailed presentation notes and a convenient black carrying case.


Designed as a fun activity to be used with expectant or new fathers—whether in a parenting workshop, new fathers classes, or while working one-on-one with a new dad—this kit is a great way to break the ice and get a conversation started about ways dads can bond with their babies and support their partners. The kit contains 13 objects representing key discussion points about how a new dad can actively engage with his baby and take care of his growing family and himself. Examples of items include:

  • Diaper (bonding with baby while changing diapers)
  • Bath thermometer (bathing baby)
  • Cleaning sponge (tackling household chores)
  • Walking shoe (taking baby for walks)
  • Book (reading to baby)
  • Digital thermometer (attending baby’s healthcare visits)
  • Orange juice (bringing Mom a hydrating beverage as she breastfeeds)
  • Golf ball (taking personal time to rejuvenate)
  • And More!

Detailed presentation notes explain what new dad activity each item in the kit represents. Kit comes in a convenient black nylon carrying case that measures approximately 10" x 8" x 3", making it perfect for health education on the go.