Breastfeeding Hand Puppet, Beige

ITEM: 85008


An essential resource for breastfeeding education, this friendly puppet is perfect for demonstrating proper and improper latch, proper tongue placement, the routing reflex, and more. Also available with the Cloth Breast Model as as the Cloth Breast and Hand Puppet Model Set (Item #75320).


A fun and informative educational tool, this jovial puppet has anatomical features designed to portray a baby’s actions during breastfeeding. The mouth opens wide to demonstrate the routing reflex. The tongue demonstrates proper placement and the “drawing” motion of the tongue. The lips can be used to demonstrate proper and improper latch. 

Use the puppet to demonstrate:

  • Rooting Reflex and Latching on
  • Improper Latch/Nipple Confusion
  • Symmetrical/Assymmetrical Latch
  • Ending a Feeding

The puppet works best when used with our Cloth Breast Model (Item #79811) or our Mother’s Own Milk™ Breastfeeding Trainer (Item #79830), which are available separately. The Breastfeeding Hand Puppet and the Cloth Breast Model are also available as a set (Item #75320).