Newborn Chart Set (3)

ITEM: 90160


Great for childbirth education classes, this set of three laminated, 24" x 18" charts depicts newborn care, normal newborn appearance, and newborn procedures. Each chart is bilingual English/Spanish.


Preparing first-time parents for the arrival of a newborn is made easier with this set of three bilingual English/Spanish charts. Each chart features six color photos. The Newborn Care chart includes images of breastfeeding, burping, sleeping on the back, sponge bathing, cord care, and swaddling. The Normal Newborn Appearance chart shows images of vernix, cyanotic hands and feet, milia, lanugo hair, general rash, and an intact foreskin. The Newborn Procedures chart depicts cord clamping, weighing, measuring, vitamin K injection, eye medication, and Gomco circumcision. Each chart is laminated and measures 24" x 18".