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Introducing Our Updated Breastfeeding Tear Pad Set!

Starting to breastfeed can be challenging. For years, the tear pads in our bilingual English/Spanish Breastfeeding Tear Pad Set have been the resources lactation consultants and other healthcare professionals have trusted to provide their patients and clients with essential information to help ensure breastfeeding success. Easy-to-understand text with simple line drawings combined to explain the basics of breastfeeding, from how breastfeeding works and the importance of colostrum to starting a feeding, breastfeeding positions, and much more.

Now, we have taken the same information you trust and combined it with attractive, full-color photos to create updated educational handouts that your patients and clients will love. New mothers will greatly appreciate each handout for providing them with vital take-home information.

Our colorful, newly updated Breastfeeding Tear Pad Set
Each tear pad in the set of eight pads contains 100, two-sided, bilingual tear sheets with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Each tear pad in the set also is available individually:

In addition to covering the cradle, football or clutch position, cross-cradle position, and side-lying position, the Positions for Breastfeeding Tear Pad has been updated to include laid-back breastfeeding.

Check out our newly updated Breastfeeding Tear Pad Set and all of our other great lactation education resources in our Breastfeeding Section.