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WRS Group’s Health Education
Family of Brands

At Childbirth Graphics, our passion is childbirth education because we believe healthy futures start with healthy beginnings. Our focus on childbirth education is part of our wider commitment to health education through every stage of life. In fact, Childbirth Graphics is just one of the three divisions of WRS Group, Ltd., our family of companies that are dedicated to health education and awareness across the globe.

If you’ve ever wondered about the other members of our health education family or how we got our start, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about WRS Group, Ltd., Childbirth Graphics, and the other branches of our health education brand family!

WRS Group

The initials WRS stand for Wayman R. Spence, M.D. (1934–1998). Dr. Spence was a physician and inventor with a passion for preventive medicine. As a young resident in physical medicine and rehabilitation in the 1960s, he developed an innovative silicone padding for the prevention of pressure sores and founded Spenco Medical Corporation.

Dr. Spence was also a pioneering anti-smoking advocate. In the late 1960s, he created the Lung Ashtray as an attention-grabbing tool to help smokers visualize the damage smoking was doing inside their bodies. The Lung Ashtray featured a set of transparent lungs—one hollow—mounted on an ordinary ashtray. As smoke billowed up the hollow lung, a dark, syrupy deposit of tar remained behind, graphically revealing how smoking damages the lungs. The Lung Ashtray quickly grabbed attention, made national news, caught the attention of the tobacco industry, and persuaded thousands of smokers to quit tobacco.

Dr. Spence’s Lung Ashtray helped usher in the anti-smoking movement.

These initial successes inspired an ongoing quest to create better health through education, awareness, and disease prevention. Although Spenco Medical Corporation was sold in 1984, Dr. Spence retained Health Edco, the division uniquely dedicated to health education. In 1989, the company’s name was changed to WRS Group to reflect its growing diversity as it added more branches to its family of health education brands.

Health Edco®

For more than 50 years, Health Edco has been dedicated to bringing health education to life with the production of informative, innovative, and creative health education materials and models. Our high-quality health education models and displays have long been must-have resources for schools, healthcare training, medical offices, and much more.

Health Edco specializes in bringing health education to life
with innovative models, 3-D displays, and other teaching tools.

Our educational materials cover a wide range of health topics, from general health, heart health, nutrition, men’s health, and women’s health to overweight and obesity, substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, and tobacco), sex education, and much more. With a variety of models, 3-D displays, activities, charts, posters, and handouts, Health Edco is a leading provider of health education resources around the globe.

Childbirth Graphics®

Childbirth Graphics is WRS Group’s division dedicated uniquely to childbirth education. Striving to nurture healthy babies and grow healthy families, Childbirth Graphics’ mission is to impart life-giving education, born from a shared understanding with its customers of caregiving educators and delivered with loving care.

Like Health Edco, Childbirth Graphics has its own rich history rooted in health education and the desire to create healthier lives. Jamie E. Bolane, a childbirth educator, designer, and consumer advocate, founded Childbirth Graphics in 1980. From its inception, Childbirth Graphics’ purpose was to provide growing families with engaging educational materials for pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, and early parenting.

Childbirth Graphics specializes in models
and materials dedicated to childbirth education.

WRS Group acquired Childbirth Graphics in 1993 as the perfect addition to its family of health education brands. Today, Childbirth Graphics is the leader childbirth educators trust for high-quality, well-researched, up-to-date materials covering a full range of childbearing topics. In consultation with our advisory board of recognized experts in childbirth and human lactation, we conceptualize and create innovative teaching tools—from 3-D models to creative displays and informative handouts—to help nurture healthy babies and support healthy, growing families.

Health Impressions®

An integral branch of the WRS Group family of health education brands, Health Impressions has served the healthcare industry for more than 20 years by providing the widest range possible of promotional and imprintable products to help build positive, enduring name recognition. Health Impressions is a proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute, a network of more than 3,000 suppliers offering more than 750,000 different products that can be imprinted with a client's logo or slogan and given away to promote a company, organization, product, service, or event.

Health Impressions offers more than 750,000 products
to boost customer loyalty and name recognition.

Health Impressions has a long-standing tradition of offering innovative products and great customer service, striving to provide quality, effective promotional products, imprinted with accuracy and delivered in a timely manner.

Discover the Branches of Our Health Education Family

Whether you are looking for health education displays and resources, childbirth education materials and models, or promotional items to spread your health message, WRS Group has you covered! Learn more by discovering our family of health education companies: Health Edco, Childbirth Graphics, and Health Impressions.

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