Stages of Labor 3rd Edition DVD, Spanish

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Stages of Labor 3rd Edition DVD, Spanish


Accurate and concise, this program uses 3-D animation and actual birth footage to provide an inside view of the birth process. Clearly illustrates what happens inside the body during each stage of labor and shows the physical and emotional progression of labor. Comes with facilitator's guide and handouts. Grade 8–Adult. 34 minutes. 3rd Edition. ©2013

Content Includes:

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy—uterus, cervix, vagina, mucous plug, placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic sac and fluid
  • Pre-Labor Signs—Braxton-Hicks contractions, lightening, mucous plug, other signs
  • Onset of Labor—contractions, water breaking, COAT
  • The Four Stages of Labor 

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