Pain Management for Childbirth DVD Set (2 vol.)

ITEM: 48865


Effectively teach parents tangible ways to manage pain while in childbirth with this two-volume DVD set, whether they choose nonmedicated or medicated relief during birth. Volume 1, Comfort Techniques, explores the P.A.I.N. acronym, focusing attention, breathing, and more. Volume 2, Analgesics & Epidurals, features an epidural overview, the benefits and risks of epidurals, and a 3-D animation of the procedure.


With two volumes, Comfort Techniques and Analgesics & Epidurals, this DVD set is perfect for educating expectant parents about choices they can make to manage pain during childbirth, whether nonmedicated or medicated. Comfort Techniques examines the causes of pain, the P.A.I.N. acronym, attention focusing, and more. Analgesics & Epidurals explains what analgesics are and describes the risks and benefits of laboring with an epidural. Both volumes also include a bonus birth story. Grade 8–Adult. Each volume is 40 minutes. ©2011

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