The Stages of Labor: A Visual Guide for Teens 3rd Edition DVD

ITEM: 71539


Designed for teen and young adult audiences, this DVD program features 3-D animation explaining what happens inside the body during all four stages of labor. Also highlights the real birth stories of four young mothers with their partner or support people. A great resource to empower and inform young expectant parents while preparing them for childbirth. Grade 8–Adult. 37 minutes. ©2020


With stunning animation providing an authentic view of the physiology of birth, this video program on DVD helps teen expectant parents understand each of the four stages of the natural labor process. Features fresh graphics and short video clips that allow for more targeted teaching.

Video Clips Include:

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy
  • Signs of Labor
  • Onset of Labor
  • First Stage: Early Labor
  • First Stage: Active Labor
  • First Stage: Transition
  • Second Stage: Contractions and Pushing
  • Second Stage: Descent and Birth
  • Third and Fourth Stage

Includes easy-to-use menu and a comprehensive facilitator’s guide with worksheets and handouts. Grade 8–Adult. 37minutes. ©2020 [closed captioned]