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Great Ways and Teaching
Tools to Promote Breastfeeding

August is National Breastfeeding Month and World Breastfeeding Week is August 1–7, making August a great time to promote and support breastfeeding as the best way to nourish most babies.

Of course, for breastfeeding educators, promoting breastfeeding takes place year round, so every day is a teaching opportunity to spread the word about the many benefits of breastfeeding for babies and their mothers.

At Childbirth Graphics, we have a dedicated line of breastfeeding and lactation education materials that are perfect for breastfeeding educators to use as they teach expectant and new parents about the many benefits of breastfeeding and how to achieve breastfeeding success. We also provide essential reference materials for lactation consultants to use as they counsel new breastfeeding mothers.

Read on to discover four ways to promote breastfeeding this month as well as all year round, and learn more about just a few of our breastfeeding education resources that are ideal for breastfeeding promotion and education.

Deck the Walls

Decorating the walls of waiting rooms, healthcare professionals’ offices, or the postpartum floor with positive and encouraging breastfeeding messages is a warm, inviting way to promote breastfeeding.

The Rewards of Breastfeeding Poster Set promotes
breastfeeding with loving images of mothers and babies.

Each of the four beautiful 14" x 22" posters in our The Rewards of Breastfeeding Poster Set shares an empowering message about breastfeeding as the optimal way to nourish babies. Each laminated poster features a beautiful photo of a loving mother cuddling her baby and a simple statement promoting the power of breastfeeding:

  • Breastfeeding: Natural, Healthy, Wonderful

  • Breastfeeding: A Special Bond

  • Breastfeeding: A Priceless Gift

  • Breastfeeding: Perfect by Nature

Our English/Spanish Breastfeeding Chart Set
is great for offices, clinics, and postpartum floors.

With warm hues and colorful drawings of ethnically diverse parents and their infants, our Breastfeeding Chart Set features eight laminated 18" x 24" teaching charts that cover multiple breastfeeding topics in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Each chart has text in English and Spanish and covers an essential breastfeeding issue:

  • Changes in Your Breast

  • Breastfeeding Basics

  • Breastfeeding Special Needs Babies

  • Bottle Feeding and Nipple Confusion

  • Breastfeeding Discreetly

  • How Baby Gets Milk

  • Breastfeeding Positions

  • Expressing Breastmilk

Breastfeeding charts and posters serve as a powerful reminder that breastfeeding is best for mothers and their babies.

Showcase an Array of Displays

Whether it’s a folding display or a 3-D display, breastfeeding education displays inspire curiosity and are a sure way to grab attention and promote breastfeeding.

Covering breastfeeding and returning to work and more, our Successful
Breastfeeding Folding Display
is perfect to promote breastfeeding.

For example, our colorful, four-panel Successful Breastfeeding Folding Display covers all the basics of breastfeeding, from breastfeeding benefits for both mothers and babies to breastfeeding positions, signs a baby is getting enough breastmilk, starting a feeding, breastfeeding while employed, getting support, and more. The folding display works great as a stand-alone piece in a waiting area or office for patients and clients to view, or educators can use it as a point-by-point reference to teach from as they educate individual clients or smaller groups.

Our Dirty Details: Breastfed Baby Stool Story™ Display is a memorable way
to help parents know whether their baby is getting enough breastmilk.

Always a crowd pleaser, our Dirty Details: Breastfed Baby Stool Story™ Display is a unique 3-D Display that never fails to provide a memorable breastfeeding education experience! The display contains four cloth diapers with the highly realistic, simulated stool of a breastfed infant from a first black sticky stool, to a green stool by day 3 or 4, to a watery or mushy yellow stool by day 5. The accompanying tent card explains why stool color is important, what new parents of breastfed infants should look for, and other indicators that a baby is getting enough breastmilk.

Other great breastfeeding education displays include our Breastmilk Composition: What’s in a Day™ Display, which uses glasses of simulated colostrum, foremilk, and hindmilk to explain the unique components of breastmilk, and Baby Bellies™ Display, which uses small, simple models to help new mothers visualize how much breastmilk their baby needs per feeding in the first 10 days of life.

Facilitate Interactive Learning

One of the best ways to get students and clients to learn about breastfeeding is to get them engaged in a fun, interactive activity! Our SpinSmart™ Breastfeeding Wheel provides facilitators with a lively way to get individuals and groups learning essential information about breastfeeding that can help them attain breastfeeding success.

Our SpinSmart™ Breastfeeding Wheel is a fun activity
to teach breastfeeding concepts and problem solving.

Participants simply spin the SpinSmart wheel and answer a multiple choice question about breastfeeding in one of eight categories:

  • Getting Started

  • Breastfeeding Benefits

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • How Breastfeeding Works

  • Problem Solving

  • Myths & Facts

  • Pumping and Storing

  • Latch & Position

The detailed activity guide includes 10 multiply choice questions for every category along with bonus questions written from the perspective of an expectant parent. Answers to bonus questions are provided as suggestions for information for facilitators to share and expand upon with their participants.

Our Breastfeeding Benefits Box Display is a fun tool
to teach many of the benefits of breastfeeding.

Another fun activity that can be used with individuals or groups is our Breastfeeding Benefits Box Display. This simple box is filled with 14 objects that represent the reasons why breastfeeding is best for a mother and her baby. For example, a brain stress ball represents the fact that breastmilk promotes a baby’s brain development; play money represents the financial savings that breastfeeding provides; a toothbrush represents the fact that breastfeeding encourages proper jaw development, facial development, and tooth alignment; and a pink ribbon represents health benefits for a mother who breastfeeds her baby, such as a decreased risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and osteoporosis. The objects in the box serve as excellent conversation starters and talking points to promote breastfeeding.

Hand Out Reinforcements

After a session of breastfeeding education with individual clients or groups, it’s important to send them out with take-home information they can refer to again and again to reinforce learning. Our breastfeeding education section has more than 40 different handouts that new parents can take home and learn from as they master the art of breastfeeding.

Mom learns the many reasons why breastfeeding is
best with our The ABCs of Breastfeeding Benefits Pamphlet.

To help expectant parents understand the many reasons why breastfeeding is best for babies and mothers, our The ABCs of Breastfeeding Benefits Pamphlet highlights reasons from A to Z why breastfeeding is the optimal choice to nourish most infants. From a lower risk for asthma in infants and children to a reduced risk of certain cancers for mothers and babies as well as zero expensive formula costs, this pamphlet can play an important role in reinforcing the commitment to breastfeed.

Great take-home information for new moms, our Breastfeeding
Tear Pad Set
includes 8 informative English/Spanish tear pads .

The eight bilingual English/Spanish tear pads in our Breastfeeding Tear Pad Set are must-have resources to help new mothers get breastfeeding off to a successful start so that they can stay committed to breastfeeding. Titles in the set include:

  • Waking a Sleeping Baby

  • How to Tell Whether Your Baby Is Hungry

  • How Breastfeeding Works

  • Getting Ready to Breastfeed

  • Positions for Breastfeeding

  • Starting a Feeding

  • Is My Baby Getting Enough Breastmilk?

  • Facts About Colostrum

Discover More Great Breastfeeding Education Materials

Displays and models and activities, oh my—Childbirth Graphics has a wealth of engaging and unique breastfeeding education materials to meet nearly every educational need in breastfeeding! Discover more teaching tools in our product section dedicated to breastfeeding and lactation education materials.

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