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Holiday Gifts for Childbirth &
Breastfeeding Educators

Everybody loves great gifts, and childbirth and breastfeeding educators are no exception! And, it’s no surprise that these passionate and dedicated professionals love receiving gifts that they can use in their vocation.

If you are looking for a great gift for the childbirth or breastfeeding educator in your life, you’ve come to the right place: Childbirth Graphics is your one-stop shop for childbirth and lactation education materials and models. If you’re shopping on a budget this season and looking for items that will be essential, much-appreciated, and affordable, Childbirth Graphics is at your service!

Read on to discover five Childbirth Graphics educator essentials that cost around $100 or less that childbirth and lactation educators will love and use again and again with their patients, students, and clients.

Mini-Model Set: Pocket Uterus, Baby, and Pelvis

Childbirth educators are always on the move, so they love the convenience of having a childbirth education model set that is small enough to carry on the go and offers the versatility of many life-sized model sets. Our best-selling, six-piece Mini-Model Set answers this need perfectly! Featuring a fetal model, pelvis model, knitted uterus model, and placenta/cord model with amniotic sac that can fit in the palm of your hand, the Mini-Model Set also comes with a miniature receiving blanket and convenient carrying tote, recently updated in green and with our latest Childbirth Graphics logo!.

Our Mini-Model Set: Pocket Uterus, Baby, and Pelvis
is a portable, affordable, and effective teaching tool.

Although the Mini-Model Set is small, it offers big educational value. It’s the perfect size for one-on-one consultations as well as virtual classes! You can use this versatile set to teach many childbirth concepts including:

  • Cardinal movements

  • Engagement of the baby as it descends into the birth canal

  • Dilation and effacement

  • Rupture of the amniotic membranes

  • Fetal presentation

Watch as Childbirth Graphics advisory board member and health educator Sara Herbelin, MS, MCHES, CD(DONA), LCCE, demonstrates some of the many teaching possibilities of our Mini-Model Set in this classic Childbirth Graphics video:

Childbirth educators who already have the Mini-Model Set will appreciate our new, affordable Deluxe Mini-Model Flexible Pelvis. This pelvis model is the same size as the miniature pelvis model (4" x 3" x 2½") that comes with the Mini-Model Set, but it features flexibility and is easy to manipulate. The model easily facilitates demonstrations of how the pelvis moves to accommodate delivery, helping patients and clients understand how the pelvic bones flex during birth. Plus, the model’s small size makes it the perfect stocking stuffer!

Although the Mini-Model Set and the Deluxe Mini-Model Flexible Pelvis are each around or under $100 or less, for a little bit more, check out our new Deluxe Mini-Model Set With Flexible Pelvis!

Cervical Stacker Model

Explaining cervical effacement and dilation can be challenging. Childbirth educators love our unique Cervical Stacker Model because it is portable and breaks down effacement and dilation into a simple, easy-to-understand visual format.

The Cervical Stacker™ Model is a fun and effective
way to teach about cervical effacement and dilation.

The model has 10 removable rings that depict 1 cm to 10 cm of dilation and varying levels of thickness that represent effacement. Each ring is color-coded to represent the progression from the 1 cm to 6 cm of early labor (blue to yellow) to 6 cm to 8 cm of active labor and 8 cm to 10 cm of transition (yellow to pink). The model’s colorful, creative look makes it a gift that practically wraps itself!

With Child Desk Version

What could be better for a childbirth educator than a lightweight, easy-to-carry, comprehensive resource that covers everything from preconception planning and fetal development to labor and birth, newborns, breastfeeding and early parenting? Our sturdy, spiral-bound With Child Desk Version is a classic, 78-page version of our best-selling With Child series that conveniently fits in a tote bag!

The With Child™ Desk Version comprehensively
covers a wide range of childbearing topics.

Filled with colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand text, the book works as a great quick-reference for a full-range of childbearing topics and as a visual aid during one-on-one instruction with expectant parents.

Cloth Breast Model

Our hand-sewn Cloth Breast Model is a must-have item for every breastfeeding educator! Available in beige and brown, the model is perfectly designed for group or one-on-one instruction.

Our Cloth Breast Model (shown in brown but also available in beige) features
a large nipple on the outer skin layer with breast anatomy underneath (as shown).

The model’s large nipple and areola are easy to see during classroom presentations, and the strap on the back of the model allows educators to hold the model up while performing demonstrations in front of the group. Peeling back the model’s skin layer reveals the breast anatomy underneath, facilitating instruction on how breastfeeding works. Two beads anchored within the breast model simulate a plugged duct and breast lump, while a foam insert allows the model to look and feel like an engorged breast.

The model comes with teaching ideas and can be used to demonstrate multiple concepts, including:

  • Inverted nipple correction

  • Correct breast support

  • Manual expression

  • Breast massage

  • Relief for sore nipples

  • Engorged and plugged ducts

  • Breast self-examination (BSE)

Watch as Childbirth Graphics advisory board member and health educator Sara Herbelin, MS, MCHES, CD(DONA), LCCE, demonstrates the features of our Cloth Breast Model (available in brown or beige) on its own or with our Breastfeeding Hand Puppet, which is also available in beige or brown skin tones. The breast model and puppet are also available as the Cloth Breast and Hand Puppet Model Set, Beige and the Cloth Breast and Hand Puppet Model Set, Brown.

Baby Bellies™ Display

Providing reassurance to a new mom starting to breastfeed is priceless, but this clever display’s inestimable value is not reflected in its highly affordable price!

A reassuring resource, our Baby Bellies™ Display uses everyday objects
to show how much breastmilk a newborn needs during first feedings.

When they first begin to breastfeed their newborns, many new moms wonder whether their baby is getting enough breastmilk. Offering comfort, our Baby Bellies Display features a marble, pingpong ball, and plastic egg that represent the approximate size of a newborn’s stomach and how much breastmilk it can hold per feeding on days 1, 3, and 10. A colorful card explains what each model represents and provides tips to help a mom know whether her baby is getting enough breastmilk, such as breastfeeding at least 8–12 times a day, whether the baby feels satisfied after a feeding, and more. The display’s small size (6" x 8") makes it a convenient teaching tool to use when working at a patient’s bedside.

Discover More Great Gift Ideas

You can find many more great gifts for the childbirth and lactation educator in your life that fit every budget by using the Narrow by Price feature on our website. Starting from our minimum purchase of $25, you’ll find a full range of childbirth and breastfeeding education essentials that everyone will love!

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